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Tips For Supporting Your Teen’s Immune System During Cold And Flu Season

Tips For Supporting Your Teen’s Immune System During Cold And Flu Season

Teenager’s bodies are rapidly growing and changing. This can often put their bodies in overdrive using lots of vitamins and energy and often making them especially vulnerable to the cold and flu. So, what can you do to boost your teens or tweens immune system and keep them healthy and filled with energy throughout the winter?

Here are some tips for supporting your teen’s immune system during this cold and flu season:

Make Sure They Get Lots Of Rest.

Teenagers are at an important stage in their lives juggling school, afterschool activities and sports and a complex and expanding social life. On average teenagers need between 8 and 10 hours of sleep each night to be alert and perform their best during the day. Being well rested also ensures that their immune system is stronger and can fend off illnesses more successfully. Help your teen keep a consistent sleep schedule during the week and through the weekend. Be aware that teens are usually more active in the late afternoon and evening and have a hard time waking up early as part of this stage.

A Healthy Diet Is Key.

A healthy diet strengthens the immune system and helps teens fight infection. It’s important for teens to eat about 5 servings for fruits and/or vegetables to get the micronutrients they need. A great way to accomplish this making a healthy smoothie packed with fruits and vegetables. Sometimes due to having picky teens or just due to our hectic lifestyle, it’s not always possible to get as many fruits and vegetables into our diet as we would like. That is where the Rainbow Light multivitamins and supplements come in. They give me the peace of mind of knowing that even though I don’t know what my kids are eating at school I know they are getting the nutrients they need to grow and fend off infections.

Make Sure They’re Getting Enough Exercise.

Exercise is important for growing bodies. To keep everyone active and healthy we exercise as a family. We go out hiking, we take the dog out for a walk in the park or ride our bikes around the neighborhood. It’s a great way to get everyone in the family up and moving.

Don’t Forget About Your Own Health.

Making sure you take care of yourself, get rest, manage stress, eat healthy and exercise is also important. As parents, we often forget the importance of staying healthy ourselves. But if our immune system is strong and we can fend off disease this also keeps those germs out of our home and there are less chances of our kids getting sick. That is why my husband and I both take daily multivitamins that help fill those nutritional gaps.


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